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Momifesto: A Manifesto of 9 Practices for Phenomenal Moms

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It’s Launch Day for the Kindle Version!!!!

The short story is, I was coaching moms for HUNDREDS of hours and finally said to a dear friend, “I just keep saying the same concepts over and over. Don’t we talk about vision, connection, and being intentional as moms?”

She said what I’ve heard many many times,  “Not really. We all just wing it.”

So, I’ve been working on this book for nearly a year – giving all the talks, all the concepts, all the places I know moms struggle and wrapped them up with a million hugs and encouragement and put them between the covers of Momifesto: A Manifesto of 9 Practices for Phenomenal Moms.

It’s a little of my story and a LOT of your story.

I intend a teeny tiny mom revolution.

I think it’s already started. 😉

Jump on the ezine list – freebies, workbook to go along with the book, and first dibs on when I take one-on-one clients again.

And buy the book here – because you are a) amazing, and b) can create a phenomenal life and family.



Momifesto Book Trailer Here

Momifesto the book


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