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Our Mom Story

Story coffee

What’s your mom story?

What’s the story you tell yourself as you look at your children? Are you sailing, enjoying the journey? Or, are you dashed against rocks and hanging on?

We all have a story that we remind ourselves of often.

Last night, I had a live call- in with those on my email list  about our mom story.

I shared mine and asked them to consider their own.

My story, before I had a child was this, “I bring myself and not lose myself in being a great mom who is deeply connected to her children and has a life long amazing relationship as they grow into world changers.” But that meant expanding, understanding, and learning how to breathe motherhood when I had never changed a diaper before. (Yep – bet you thought YOU were behind the game!)

These are the stories we are living in front of our child(ren) every day… and they are soaking it all in. We need a great story to tell ourselves because it sinks into our soul and acts like a lighthouse for who and how we are with them.

If we have no story, we are responders – secondary characters playing the in background. Secondary characters are needed… but not exactly our role…

If we deny our story we try to hide, and shy away from engaging in our family. Hey, it happens!

Is the story we tell ourselves every day one of being the hero or the victim? Of connection or conflict? Of sacrifice or martyrdom?

Want one for yourself?

On the call, I gave some options for the story you tell yourself just for today (because I understand that not everyone is ready to claim their child is a world changer). 😉

Here are some ready to go for you:

– I’m a freaking awesome mom doing a fantastic job!

– I’m amazing and today I am doing a LOT of learning!

– I’m raising children who are game changers in the world. I celebrate them and myself as I learn how to be my best for them.

Salted with compassion, stories we tell ourselves about our work at home with our children sets the inner stage of confidence, hope and open space to learn – instead of living in a story of guilt, fear, and confusion. And the more hopeful the story, the more the kids pick up on it.

I bet you’re thinking: Just because we say it, does it make it so? I mean, really?

To which I would answer: I believe if you tell yourself an amazing mom story every day, you will be halfway to it.

The other half is acting on it. 😉

What’s your best story? Share it with us below!

In Joy, Vikki



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