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Why We Don’t Re-Imagine Motherhood

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Why We Don’t Re-Imagine Motherhood

What if we felt like we were more than dinner makers and kiss-goodnight-ers who truly lived in the moment?

What if our kids saw us in our strengths and not just our frustration?

What if our family was asked to make tiny sacrifices so we had the time, money and energy to take a class, learn a skill, adventure locally, so we could feel we mattered again?

I’ll tell you what would happen… we would be really afraid. 😉

If we did re-imagine motherhood for ourselves (in the very best way as we define it) who would

feed the kids

pay the bills


buy the fish

make the doctor appointments?

Who would

find the socks,

check the homework,

heal the hurts?

If we re-imagine motherhood and find a way to love our life again

maybe our kids will be angry,

maybe they’ll feel left out,

maybe our spouse will leave us.

(Okay, that’s a little extreme, but sometimes, our minds get extreme… )

We often feel that re-imagining a life we love would mean dropping all the balls that vex us and bless us at the same time.

And there are so very few options…

We re-imagine motherhood and face our fears that may or may not happen.

We don’t re-imagine motherhood and face increasing resentment.

We make every so teeny tiny shifts and see how it goes one day at a time.

But for most of us, re-imagining motherhood happens – in the daydreams, in the car lines, in the drive through windows…maybe all we need is a little permission and direction to let it seep in. 😉

If you wish for a little next step, check the blog post here for more encouragement. If you’ve tried everything and need a little nudge where I can help you, go here.

Here’s to your very best dreams of motherhood, because I believe it’s all possible…



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