Vikki Spencer shared a social media post every Friday for nearly three years as an antidote to the fear of being seen. What she didn’t expect was a journey through loss, grief, adventure and love that she continued to share along the way.

These micro-stories will encourage and offer a way of watching life show up and when there’s courage to live a life of fearing less.

This is for those who are:

  • Making difficult life decisions

  • Trying to find courage to face life

  • Empty nesting and launching kids into the world

  • Adventuring into the world

  • Living with transitions that come with divorce

  • Dealing with the loss of a loved one

Based on hundreds of hours of coaching sessions with moms, Vikki shares 9 practices that create phenomenal families.

These include:

  • Discussion on Sanity, Self-Care, and Guilt

  • Rediscovering and Reinventing

  • Ourselves as Moms

  • Creating a Vision Instead of Living in Chaos

  • Navigating Mom Anger


….and so much more!

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