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About Vikki Spencer, M.Ed

2021 UDATE:

Current certifications include:

* Live Your Purpose Trauma Informed Coach through Mastin Kipp International.

* Yogabody Certified Breath Coach


Vikki Spencer, M. Ed, is a writer and retreat leader who uses humor and authenticity to offer hope and real world strategy to overcome fear.

Her book Fear Less Fridays: Notes from a Small Woman in a Big Big World documents her own Hero’s Journey years of 13 losses in 2.5 years from a perspective of hope, adventure, and healing.  Whether coaching, writing or speaking, she brings an inspiring research based, trauma informed perspective to consistent forward momentum, personal growth, and healing.


She has one amazing son, and plant mom to seven lucky artificial plants.

In 2020, she earned trauma informed coaching certification, breath coach certification, learned to cook with herbs, and lost 35 pounds, but still loves Nutella.

----- (that really was the most important parts... if you have nothing else to do and Instagram is boring, feel free to read on for my own Hero's Journey.)


Once upon a time, I had a life I understood - home, marriage, son, dog, 2 cars, business, and beautiful home on two acres.


I encouraged moms through a blog, online classes, and in person. Local TV stations had me on for interviews. Everything seemed to make sense. My high school teaching background, Master's degree in Education, and I was working on my book, Momifesto: 9 Practices for Phenomenal Moms, as well as videos for courses.

But then another life called. 


I went through a separation.

My Gram died.

My divorce finalized, also removing me from the family business.

My favorite uncle died.


I still blogged and cut weekly videos on having a teen in high school. I was full steam ahead, although disorientation begain to set in.

Friends moved.

Other friendships ended.

Anti-gravity began to settle in. 


Nothing in my life looked the same – not even me. But the most severe losses were ahead.


The house sold.

My son Jordan moved to Los Angeles for a gap year.

What started as a summer break from my business, The Mom Whisperer, became no natural way back in. I had no stories, nothing familiar, and no words left.

The dog died.


I had no markers for the day...  no morning routine, no orders for the business, no errands to run, or dinner time to make by 6 o’clock.

Meals that used to be on a family table were alone.

A daily routine now focused on therapy appointments for loss and grief, walking in nature, and writing. New neighbors replaced familiar ones.


It was a new world. 

needed to listen to life’s whispers. I needed time, new views, help from others, women’s circles, and long drives. I needed to learn identity work on how to reconfigure who I was with no roles, no close family, and a life I no longer recognize.


Every Friday for these three years of loss I wrote a post on Facebook called #FearLess Fridays. Partly I wrote it so I could take stock of what was happening. Partly to connect to the online world in some way. Partly so I could keep pushing myself to not hide even though life was shattered.


Overtime I took and quit jobs trying to find my place.

I went deep within an inner cave.

Finally, I focused on retreats, and online groups.

Not the jam-packed 12 hours of motion, but the solo retreat with others diving deep and listening to their lives right alongside each other. I wanted to inspire and impact the lives of women who felt they had to settle into the life they were given. I wanted to help see women see themselves beyond being a mom and a friend a sister or a wife.

Not to dismantle the lives they had - but to bring who they truly are back to their lives, families, relationships, work.


Truth is, life iterates. Sometimes in the process, we lose who we truly are.  We end up playing small in this big world.

While I don’t wish these past few years of my life on anyone, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  

I've transformed.

I've learned.

And I've returned, to share what I know now that I couldn't possibly have known then: that the Hero's Journey is one we are all on, and it's the adventure of a lifetime to become who we always were meant to be.


Because I had gained so many skills through my experiences, instead of caving in and being afraid, I stayed curious, open, and shifted.

I showed up even more on social media, said goodnight on Instagram every night, decided to move groups from luxury coastal homes, to intimate Zoom meetings to dive deep.

I learned breath work and got certified as a breath coach with Yogabody.

I learned how to be a trauma informed coach and completed a certificate of completion with Live Your Purpose  Trauma Informed course.

I lost 35 pounds, and healed my body of inflammation.

This season of immense change in the world has been a test of how far I'd healed, and if The Hero's Journey really does apply when life feels like antigravity.

It does.


So we begin again.

Join me.

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