2021 UDATE:

Current certifications include:

* Trauma Informed Coach through Mastin Kipp

* Yogabody Breath Coach

These certifications are the ways I've synthesized my story below. I'm strategically able to help others going through a variety of transitions.


Once upon a time, I homeschooled a little boy who had OCD and Tourettes. I believed I failed him, and yet wondered if there was anyone who could help me see how I was made to be his mom.  I wanted a mom whisperer. I saved the .com and ultimately, I encouraged moms through a blog, online classes, and in person. Local TV stations had me on for interviews. Everything seemed to make sense. My high school teaching background, Master's degree in Education, and I was working on my book, Momifesto, as well as videos for courses.

But then I went through a separation.

My Gram died.

My divorce finalized, also removing me from the family business.

My favorite uncle died.


I still blogged and cut weekly videos on having a teen in high school. I was full steam ahead.

Friends moved.

Other friendships ended.

I became disoriented.


Jordan didn’t want to go to college so I took him to Los Angeles to see if he wanted to pursue photography there for a gap year. While in LA my hair got cut to 3 inches to help save it.  I took a break from The Mom Whisperer because I couldn’t think clearly enough to engage at that point. Nothing in my life looked the same – not even me. But the most severe losses were ahead.


The house sold.

Jordan moved.

What started as a summer break from The Mom Whisperer became no natural way back in. I had no stories, nothing familiar, and no words left.

The dog died.


I had no markers for the day no morning routine no orders for the family business no errands to run or dinner time to make by 6 o’clock. Meals that used to be on a family table were alone. A daily routine now focused on therapy appointments for loss and grief, walking in nature, and writing. New neighbors replaced familiar ones.


I needed to listen to life’s whispers. I needed time, new views, help from others, women’s circles, and long drives. I needed to learn identity work on how to reconfigure who I was with no roles, no close family, and a life I no longer recognize.


Every Friday for these three years of loss I wrote a post on Facebook called #FearLess Fridays. Partly I wrote it so I could take stock of what was happening. Partly to connect to the online world in some way. Partly so I could keep pushing myself to not hide even though life was shattered.


Overtime I took and quit jobs trying to find my place. Finally, I asked myself what I really wanted in the world. I wanted a retreat the way I understood them. Not the jam-packed 12 hours of motion, but the solo retreat with others diving deep and listening to their lives right alongside each other. I wanted to inspire and impact the lives of women who felt they had to settle into the life they were given. I wanted to help see women see themselves beyond being a mom and a friend a sister or a wife.


Truth is, life iterates. Sometimes in the process, we lose who we truly are.  We end up playing small in this big world.

While I don’t wish these past few years of my life on anyone, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.  I’ve learned, changed, and found that evolving from a mom whisperer to where I am now has been the gift of a lifetime. So we begin again.