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115 Wednesdays: #115

115 Wednesdays: Countdown to College Begins


This past year seems like blurry  moments…. 

  1. — A year ago, the Department of Motor Vehicles sending us home with a sheet that we have to fill in 50 hours of driving in the next 12 months. With him driving. Together. In the same car.

  2. — Pulling teeth, begging for him to knock off 30 minutes of driving here and there so he could drive himself to school at LEAST 2-3 days a week next year. For the love of God just log the driving hours.

  3. — YES there are footprints on the dashboard from where I was trying to brake.

  4. — YES he was a careful, terrific driver and I, a horrible belt-hugging, side of the car grabbing mom for 40 of the 50 hours.

  5. — In the final month, when there were 25 hours left,  a certain young lady entered his picture.  Not only did he drive all the hours required, he did it without being asked (almost).

No one told me that those 50 hours were going to be it.

As in, he gets his driver’s license and he’s gone.

Like, tomorrow morning he said he was driving to school. Alone. Without bubble wrapping all over the car. Or me ready to yell at crazy drivers kind of alone.

Look, I was all over all the growth spurts, the “lasts of”, the clothes shopping every 6 months because he grew another inch. I PARENTED toward the teen years.

But the TEEN years are supposed to stick around a little – not just fly by!!!!!

So, I figure the next marker will sneak up on me like this if I’m not intentional, ready, on the offense.

The next marker is college. I will be ready.

I’m going to do a countdown of life in the last two years of high school…. for the final 115 Wednesdays I have with him under my roof. This should span May 22, 2014 – August 15, 2016.

I have no clue what I’m going to post but I can tell you this. I’m on top of it.


:-) Vikki

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