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How A Retreat Can Change Your Life

How a Retreat Can Change Your Life

We live incredibly efficient, full lives where giving to others, holding together family, work, and pets is expected.

It’s normal.

But sometimes, we know something deeper is trying to steer us through gentle whispers of guidance, course correction, or strengthening words of affirmation. But we either have difficulty, don’t have time, or don’t want to be alone long enough to listen.

And yet we wonder what we’re missing.

By taking days away from everyday life to rest and regroup, we allow our nervous system to reset, find a center of quiet, and learn how possible it is to consider our life in ways we can’t while we’re in the middle of it.

If there were no responsibilities, to do lists, or saying no for the millionth time - and food is waiting for you and you didn’t have to wash a dish.... what would you do?

If you could look at the stories and decisions that run life with a kind eye of possibility and hope- what would you find?

If you could sleep in three mornings in a row what would it feel like?

A retreat can offer a chance to find your intuition, look for serendipity and focus on life in a way that gently shifts perspective once you’re back home. So life can often have more guidance, direction and meaning because we took the time to listen, learn, rest.

Some things that happen at Restore:

  • We remember and re-discover who we are while gently lifting the layers that no longer serve us or those we love.

  • Witness the beauty and strength of others and recognizing it in yourself

  • Learn to be solo but not alone in a group.

  • Effortlessly believing in yourself and wondering when you stopped.

  • Allowing quiet so you have the ability to look over your life with compassion and change.

  • Sift for the beauty of your current life back home and consider the things that are past their time.

  • 30 days of support after the retreat so we have support while integrating what we learned.

The point is when you go back into your world you have a different perspective. Your life feels like you choose it rather than it happening around you. In time, you realize how possible it is to not live for being efficient, and productive but also connected, intuitive, and joyful.

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