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40 Tired Mom tips: What You Might Really Want When You Don’t Know What You Want

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If you’re a realllllly tired mom, you can’ t think clearly anymore… here are 40 things to help you figure out what you really want.

Disclaimer: BEFORE you read the list, if there’s anything you think you really want/ need to help revive yourself – listen to that. That’s your due north. Everything else is soul candy for later. 😉

40 Things A Tired Mom Might Really Want:

1) A nap

2) Her favorite dessert

3) Her feet in sand

4) A gift card to splurge somewhere.

5) Curl up and watch her TV show uninterrupted with a throw blanket (preferably heated)

6) Flowers on the kitchen table

7) To sleep in on Saturday or Sunday

8) A hot bath. And candles. And no knocks on the door.

9) 25 minutes with her favorite music station/ playlist

10)Paper plates for dinner

11) Manicure and pedicure. Both. And maybe acrylics.

12) Someone to cook her dinner in her own home. And clean it.

13) A workout and/ or walk

14) A maid. Just once a year.

15) a weekend away

16) Her feet and/ or body in water (lake, ocean, stream)

17) A day away just to think

18) A retreat with other women

19) Time with a girlfriend

20)Time to declutter and think

21) Someone else to remind the kids to do their chores/ go to bed

22) Stroll through a park. Alone.

23)Time to make a vision board and remember her dreams. Or find them.

24) Extra money from the budget

25) Hair cut and highlights and not worry about the cost

26) A class – cooking, spinning, crafting, writing

27)Chocolate. Without sharing.

28) A massage

29) A museum. And time to read every.single.placard.

30) A good book

31) A tiny piece of art

32) A 30 minute drive to nowhere with windows rolled down in the car

33) An online art class just to use her craft drawer

34) 2 hours of nothingness time. Could be Facebook. Could be pulling out seasonal clothes. Could be journaling. Doesn’t matter.

35) Favorite ice cream/ gelato/ ice

36) Silence and solitude

37) Somewhere to go to take photos, or draw, or do yoga – just a change of scenery to engage in

38) A really great joke

39) Horseback riding

40) Surfing

Inherently, this means no forms of addiction, nothing to numb out. When we choose to engage in our lives, and meet our needs on a deep rejuvenating level, we are more of who we are meant to be. Effortlessly. Who we are now appears, and we discover she’s more beautiful, more fiery, more loving than we ever knew.

More ideas for finding yourself in the midst of family life in Momifesto: A Manifesto of 9 Practices for Phenomenal Moms.



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