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Discontent: The Teacher With A Message


We are very committed to our family being happy, settled, and at the very least, fed.

But often, when we finally get to bed at night, we feel discontent.

We’re wondering: Does it all matter? What’s it all for? Where am I in this? Am I doing enough/ being enough?

Here’s your answer: I don’t know.

Neither do you.

Until each of us faces whatever discontent is trying to tell us, to teach us, we will always have the stress of wondering what are we missing?

Discontent is asking for us to listen to the lessons:

Are we discontent with connection?

With relationships?

With work?

With vacations- or lack thereof?

With extended family?

When we start to follow the trails of discontent, we often run to something to soothe the discontent of listening to discontent: alcohol, food, TV, shopping, drugs, sex.

But it’s all smoke and mirrors.

If we open ourselves to discontent and merely say “I’m listening. Show me what’s going on,” we’ll find answers that can change the course of our family life. They usually aren’t scary, or too big, or huge changes. They are usually tweaks, if we’ll listen.

Every. Time.


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