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What I Learned About Surviving The Holidays


This is Moose. He’s a colorful, joyful decoration in our home. Here’s what I learned about the holidays from him.

Year 1 in our home: Jordan chose him. I think we needed a little joy that year so he came home and smiled at us the entire holiday season.

Year 2 in our home: The next year, as payment for the previous year of joy, his neck was broken. Ok. I broke it. To be honest, I don’t even remember how. Everything went fuzzy and I saw Jordan’s friend’s mouth hang open and eyes get as wide as a deer. Apparently, I’m begging him to not say a word. I fixed Moose but Jordan found out as we were putting decorations away. I kept repeating, “But I fixed him! He’s ok. He’s ok. ”


Year 3: This year as I unpacked decorations, Moose showed up! He wanted to be with his friends from last year and as I set him down, forgetting about his neck-I snapped it. Again.

Usually, this means there’s a lesson – and if I get this right, in theory, next year I will not snap his neck.  As was holding his neck to set with Mighty Putty, I thought about what lessons I need to hear. NO doubt there’s more than one.

Here’s what I learned about surviving the holidays from Moose.


Holiday Moose Truths

We will have secrets  – it’s ok.

Keep our own secrets.

Keep other people’s secrets.

We will break our necks. Fix them by the end of the night.

We may break other’s necks. Fix them with kindness.

Others’ necks may be broken underneath and they’re still smiling.

Scarves cover a multitude of sins.

Just because something’s broken doesn’t mean it’s useless.

Save what matters.

Regardless of the brokenness, put a scarf on it, and join friends.


Keep Going!!

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