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First Week of Junior Year of High School

let's just do this.

First week of 11th grade has it’s own realities that set in after a while…

I will never have another first week of school for 11th grade, so here are some of the highlights I want to remember…

— Photo above taken around 10pm. We’re both out of sorts. Long week.

— “Yes, I do have all I need for school.” (in terms of supplies)

— 2 days later — “I need a binder and an eraser.”

— “I don’t have homework.”

— 10:30pm bedtime — “I’m still doing homework. ”

— This was the year I was on top of lunches – mostly salads, veggies, and a few Rice Krispy Treats

— This was the year he drove to school. Almost every day.

— 3rd day of not texting me that he got to school safely – I drove him.

— Most likely staying up past 10:30pm, although I’m only speculating, not accusing. 😉

— I only asked “how was your day” for the first 3 days then stopped. He always spills everything after dinner.

— He’s taller than me. He dresses better than I do. He probably drives better than I do.

— I want time to stop. Yesterday. Or at least just freeze a little.

I’m going to be okay… because today he is still here and he has not gone off to college yet.

And today is enough.




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