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When A Mom Is Done

I’ve had the privilege to walk with a mom for many months, which allows enough time for the highs and lows; the wins and losses; the keep-it-together spirit and the I’m-screwed-aren’t-I fears.

But today, that single mom said she was done.

The boss just changed her job description – from supportive travel to being gone 3 of 4 weeks a month.  Starting next week. No extra pay.

Until then, her job wasn’t her dream job, not her dream life, but paid the bills. So, she went along with it, because there was no “legitimate reason” not to.

But I also believe something began stirring differently in her heart months ago. A restlessness that was afraid to awaken because she has a son and he depends on her, so really… how restless can you afford to be?

But I’ve been whispering  honor the restlessness.

Listen to it.

Ask it if it’s ready to tell you something.

Because if the heart truly has something to tell a mom, whether it’s convenient, and tidy and understandable or not, it will be gently relentless. Or life will force its hand.

A job description change. An illness. Being needed at home.

The timing will never be convenient – whether we listen to the heart or we ignore it and wait. But we will receive information of some sort… what we do with the information, the plot twist, the yearning is what determines everything.

Traveling 3 of 4 weeks, without extra pay, is a deal breaker in most mom’s books.

But what she does next will determine everything.

She’s got a few resumes percolating.

But she’s dreaming.

And digging deep.

And wishing. And wondering “what if we….” in every possible scenario.

What she’s not doing is fearing, freaking out, battening down the hatches and moving back home because at least she’ll have a dinner if needed.

She’s done with reacting out of fear. She’s a mom who’s done.

She’s listening.

And while no one has answers right now, I can tell you what pieces of her life will look like in months from now. I want to cook for my son, and spend time at home. I don’t want to be gone every single night.

Mark her words, so shall it be.

To keep this very clear, this isn’t about a working single mom tanking everything to be a stay at home mom, nor about living on less because it’s the “right thing”.

It’s all about the simmers that were on a back burner for months now coming to full boil and when it condenses down, what’s left will be gold for her.

Because the truth is, when moms are done, they are on the path to creating their lives because they are listening to their hearts. 

What changes, if any, is your heart whispering to you?  Feel free to comment below… even if you don’t know what to do with them, have all the answers, or can even understand what it means.

In Joy, Vikki     



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