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Mom Inspiration – 3 Things

What do you do when you run out of mom inspiration?

1) Take a break. Whether it’s a night off, or extended time in the bathroom, a little distance can shift perspective. It’s a little unrealistic to feel completely engaged and inspired when family life is often one more thing to do on a long list. It’s ok! Turn in the “done” card and find a way to get a little space for yourself.

2) Watch another mom – watch how amazing the connection is between her and the kids. If it’s not so amazing, take note. Whatever changes she could make to turn her day around may the same ones you might use. The habit of watching other moms is one that’s so profound, I wish every mom did it. We have a limited repertoire of things we know and watching other moms is the easiest way to expand your options.

3) Imagine the future. Maybe they’re driving you nuts because they are using every gift and strength they have. One day, those same things that drive you crazy, will fuel their lives. Instead of judging how “awful” or “opinionated”, consider why those traits will save them as adults. Okay, maybe you’ll have to get more specific than, “awful”.

Mom inspiration seems nearly impossible and truthfully, we may not even realize we need it. But if we can detach a little to regain perspective, our children come back into focus as the amazing beings that they are.

Vikki Spencer, Mom Coach, The Mom Whisperer


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