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Seconds to Sanity – Tip #13


Sometimes I don’t get to the Facebook page until around 9:30pm. By that time, I know everyone is over the day, and wants to go to sleep but can’t yet.

They still need to

– make lunches

– pick up the house

– deal with dishes in or out of the dishwasher

– check homework or sign papers for the next day

– Insert (your customized list of things to do that take up an hour of your life when all you want is your jammies) here.

So I post something like, “You’ve done enough momma. Time for bed.”

I can hear the virtual sighs….

More often than not someone will post “I wish I could but I can’t” and it’s true. That night they cannot. But I believe another night, they just might make it happen.

Beyond the health benefits of sleep, beyond the boundary of saying “I’ve done enough”, is the self-worth that says, for even one night, I am more than tomorrow’s school lunches. I’m done.

Maybe tonight is not your night. And maybe tomorrow isn’t either.

But one night will be.

And it will change everything.

In Joy, Vikki

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