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Mom Sanity: 10 Reasons Why Your Family Needs You Sane

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In Momifesto: 9 Practices for Phenomenal Moms, I have a list explaining why committing to mom sanity is not selfish, it’s sanity saving. Anything that’s sanity saving, cannot possibly be selfish because NO ONE ELSE can do it for us. It’s self directed, but not selfish. Here are 10 of the Reasons Your Family Needs You Sane and why mom sanity is the motto for this weekend!


1. They need a model so they can care for themselves as adults.

2. Our family doesn’t always know what we need.

3. They can feel unsafe when we have unmet needs and are angry.

4. We can project our needs onto them and they don’t actually need what we give them, but we can’t see that.

5. We don’t offer our best.

6. We take them for granted  – as if they should just deal with us as is.

7. We might no longer see the beauty in them- just the drain on us that we feel they are. 🙁

8. We can begin to resent them.

9. We don’t have fun with them anymore.

10. We will find other ways to “take care of” ourselves – alcohol, reality TV, spending money, overeating, or a host of other ways.

So, this weekend, commit to doing something that will recharge you. Then set the intention that you’ll return to your family with hugs, and love. This changes everything.

Here’s to giving it a try!


Mom, Coach, The Mom Whisperer


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